daring not

daring not

i dare not look into your eyes.
i’m scared
of what i might see:
seemingly never-ending battles
of people long oppressed
risking lives and all
to be free;
rage and anger building up
inside the hearts
of comrades hurt
and betrayed;
flowing tears from
a distraught mother,
sister, wife,
or lover
for a beloved lost
in the midst of war.

i dare not look into your eyes
for they speak truths
i may not have the courage
to face:
of feelings i’ve long
put aside and left
for time to forget;
dreams i thought lost
in the struggle
to liberate others
love i long for
but believe cannot
exist and remain between
two people separated
by vast lands and sea.

i dare not look into your eyes
and see the lies
i’ve skillfully made:
that i am strong
and able to control
the reins of a wild stallion;
that i can forget
and remain cold
and indifferent to the pain;
that i am made of stone
and cannot possibly
be broken down
and shattered.

i dare not look into your eyes
for fear that i will realize
i am only human
after all.


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