The year that was

Who was to know or say
what would come to pass
when the clock struck twelve
and we clinked glasses
365 days that came and went?
That there would be but one
weekend family holiday,
yet 107 days of us
locked down together?
That there would be joy
in friendships formed and renewed,
new adventures taken,
life and love still celebrated
in the midst of Covid and chaos?
That there would be sorrow
for loved ones lost
and worry for those in dire straits?
That there would be a few
unwelcome surprises,
sleepless nights, and heartaches
along the way?

After 14,562 minutes from 76 genres
by 1,079 artists coloured in Pink;
17,622 pages from 52 books
that began with Becky Bloomwood’s holiday  
and ended with a tale of frogs and fairy godmothers;
an unknown number of items bought online,
physically wrapped, given, and received;
19 days of receiving once again
the reason for the season;
reuniting with relatives and peers;
I am blessed and my heart is full
of hope, faith – and yes, gratitude
for all that came my way.


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