Chicklits, chick flicks,
Hallmark movies.
Boy meets girl
and somehow
along the way
they fall in love
and live happily
ever after.

But marriage isn’t
a romcom or
a fairy tale.
Keeping the romance
alive after
twenty-plus years
doesn’t come
easy or even
at all.

Some times
you argue,
other times
you walk away,
a few times
you shrug it off,
and then
there are
those times
you’ve never
felt more alone.

Making up
gets less
and less
of a big thing.
Grand gestures
are a thing
of the past
and somehow
or worse
deemed no longer

And as the song goes,
how do you
keep the music
playing, make it
last and not have
the song fade
too fast?
How do you
thaw a frozen


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